Utility of the PPT and MOV Files

Below each lecture title on the Chem 125 Homepage there are links to two alternative versions (ppt and mov) that can supplement the video recordings and the transcript that are available from the Open Yale Courses (OYC) website.
(Note that the updated versions (2009) of timed ppt and audio files are also being made available as they occur.)

Clicking the PPT link below a lecture title on the Chem 125 Homepage downloads a Powerpoint file for study or video supplementation.

Using Powerpoint as a Study Aid

With the ppt file one can use Microsoft Powerpoint or a free powerpoint viewer to study a lecture at leisure, perhaps together with class notes or the OYC transcript.
(Click for detailed study instructions)

Using Powerpoint to Supplement the OYC Video (or Audio)

A ppt file can show the entire Powerpoint screen with maximum resolution and true color to supplement the corresponding OYC video. Each ppt file contains timing information allowing it to run in a separate window synchronized with the OYC video, so one can see and hear the speaker and view the Powerpoint screen simultaneously.
(Click for detailed instructions on synchronizing)

Users with low-bandwidth web access may prefer to synchronize the ppt file with the OYC mp3 audio file instead of one of its video files.

Using Quicktime to Avoid Platform Incompatibility

Clicking the
MOV link on the Chem 125 Homepage launches a Quicktime version of the Powerpoint show that provides two advantages over the ppt options above:
(1) It avoids possibile incompatibilities between the user's software and what was used to create the ppt file (Powerpoint for Mac 2004, version 11.5.5).

(2) It includes the sound track of the lecture and shows occasional demonstrations.  

On a computer with fully compatible software, a ppt file has three advantages over the mov alternative: 

(1) It facilitates navigation during study.

(2) It provides maximum resolution.

(3) The ppt file is typically ten times smaller than mov.